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troubleshooting and development.. I will figure out what is wrong and fix it…

Themes or plugins like Elementor, Gutenberg, Pagelayer, etc. 

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (I can fix computer/network problems)

Elementor for WordPress Pro User










( this is a test website- I test everything here first so your site never crashes)

Background picture is Cerrillos, NM.

my other test web site: 

What I can do for you

WordPress Conversion

As consultant, I come in for pre-agreed upon amount of time and fix your problem.  

My specialty when not trouble shooting is Conversion to WordPress from any major service that charges monthly.   This saves you money. No one else does this and it is in your best interest: 

I will convert any current website to a state of the art WordPress web site. Basically, I clone the web site step by step and convert it to WordPress.  


Creatives and Business

I will listen to you and we will make a great web site.  

Need an e-commerce store and don’t know how to get started?  Get in touch.  

In my experience, if you use Word and you can navigate a phone, it takes about 2-3 hours of training to understand the new E-Commerce site and have it up and running.

I will show you options and we will go from there.  

As a team, you and I will look at the websites you like and I will create custom templates for you that are similar, but to your taste.   

If you know what you want, it will save you time and money.   


Other Stuff

On another note,  I dog and cat and horse and bird watch for select people and animals.

 I hike and walk a lot.  Five miles a day minimum; therefore, if you have a lazy dog, find another sitter.  Animals love me and I love animals.  If you were in front of computer for hours a day fixing web sites, you would take long walk breaks as well.

Former Adjunct Professor of Computer Technology- Western New Mexico University, Truth or Consequences

B.A. English/History Minor from 

University of Texas, Austin

Knicks fan- so I know pain


505 490-6088

575 740-3262




Truth or Consequences, NM 


Santa Fe/Cerrillos/Madrid, NM

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