Tutoring Basics:

I apply the principle of 
"show, do, review"
Therefore, you will retain what you are taught.

Cheat Sheets:
We will use cheet sheets to guide you through learning new software and tricks.  For a few days after training, you will probably refer to your notes often.  After a few day, all of the new skills will sink in.  


One On One Training

Personal training is available at the shop or at  your location.  

February and March 2010 Special

2 hours of one on one training for $70

You can learn at your own speed and documentation is created so you remember everything.

We will make a list of what you want to learn and go over everything until you are confident in your skills.  Furthermore, you will be empowered to learn new things that save time and money.

Company Courseware

Custom courseware can be created to make sure your employees know the procedures of your company.  Futhermore, standarized tests are created to make sure the training will translate into successful work productivity.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You will learn many keyboard shortcuts that will save a lot of time.  The one on one training will be rewarding and will pay for itself many times over with the time you save doing daily tasks.  Keyboard shortcuts are a lot of fun and carry over universally to most software.

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