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The Hilton Family fortune started when Conrad Hilton inherited Hot Springs National Bank in 1919 and bought his first hotel.

Conrad Hilton was an American business hero after starting Hilton Hotels and making it into a worldwide name.  He was a business guru in his time like Bill Gates or Richard Branson is today.  In the 1960's, he wrote a best selling book on customer service that is often quoted today.  He stressed professional service and respect.

I am proud to offer the same type of customer service in the same exact building where Conrad Hilton got his start.


Historic Conrad Hilton Bank Building ca. 1917-1919

The shop is located in one of the most historic buildings in New Mexico.  Conrad Hilton inherited the building from his father in 1919.  After inheriting the bank, Conrad Hilton bought his first hotel in Frisco, Texas.  The bank is poured concrete, cinderblock and hand masonry.  The original red brick facade can be seen in places.  

There are two vintage bank vaults in the building.  The one in the front was manufactured by Mosler Safe Company.  It features a hand painted door as well as other unique elements.

The building is one of  many treasures in Truth Or Consequences.

The Future of T or C

Spaceport America is being built outside of town.
This will be the world headquarters for Virgin Galactic.  The rides start at $200,000 and thousands of tickets have been sold.  The first 100 people had to pay the whole fee up front.  If you want to treat me to a ride, thanks.
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