Repair Vs. Replace:

There are often times it is worth replacing a compute rather than having it fixed.  My goal is to give you honest answers and provide a value added service.  If you computer is 'beyond repair,' the data is often able to be transferred to your new machine.  This reminds me of my number one rule- back up your data.  Take a training class and learn how to migrate your data to the cloud.  Online, redundant storage is inexpensive and safer than relying on consumer products for data integrity.  Most online storage places use Military Grade encryption to make sure your information is safe and secure.



The most common question is of course, "Hey Dave the Computer Guy, what do you charge?"

The best answer I can give is "It depends on a lot of things." 

A lot of computer work, including networking, is 'hurry up and wait'.  I could not possibly charge for all of the time it takes to update software and hardware.  Loading Windows XP takes many hours because there are about 10 computer restarts along with dozens of updates.  Much of that time is waiting for the computer to "do it's thing".  If you want a specific job, feel free to email for a quote.

The prices below are estimations based on years of experience.  I will communicate often with you and let you know all of your options.

Standard Fees

Hourly Rate $35

Look it over fee $20 for 1/2 hour- many times computer problems can be solved by tweaking a setting or correcting a simple problem.  If this can be done, we both make out well.  You had your problem fixed by an expert for $20 and I gain a loyal customer.

Operating System Reload approx $135- this includes updating WIndows, loading Antivirus Software, innoculating computer against trojans and other malware, updating drivers, and testing the machine.  You need to provide the operating system CD and a valid/legal serial number.  Most manufacturers put the serial number on a sticker on the machine.  

NOTE: If the machine is a Dell, Compaq, HP, or Toshiba AND you provide the disks included with the computer, it is $100 including all updating services.

I use my industry contacts (20+ years of doing computer work) to save you money on parts.  Peripherals like routers, cables, and a/c adapters will cost you about half of what it costs at a big box superstore.  

Home Network Configuration $60 and up -includes up to 3 wired or wireless home computers- Router configuration for DSL as well as wireless security.  Documentation will be included in price.

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