Netowrking Basics:

Modern homes and offices use Internet based standards to share phone, data, and video information.   Digital Video Recording systems send their information seemlessly over computer networks.

Networking your computers saves on electricity,  paper, toner, and time.  It is much less expensive for a small business to share a central commercial printer than for each person print at their desk. The price per copy for centralized printing can be 10% the cost of using local printers.  Furthermore, maintenance costs are much less. 



Design, Install, Maintain, and Support any computer network running any kind of network software.

Wireless Configuration, Installation, and Support

Network shared devices such as printers, scanners, or document centers.

Configuration and Maintenance on DSL, ISDN, T1, and Cable Internet service

Custom cabling and installation

Video Services

Design, install, and maintain Internet Protocol closed circuit television.
View CCTV video over Internet or IPhone
Configure Internet Broadcast of CCTV systems
Installation of routers including T1, DSL, Wifi, etc...

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