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Making Training Fun:

My Feedback:

The most common comment I hear from people in my training sessions is that it was fun. Implementing new systems will be rewarding and fun for my students.  Instead of focusing on how things "used to be done", I will  make learning a new software system as much fun as learning to play a video game.


Consulting Services

Many business and government agencies don't need the expense and hassle of an extra person on the full time staff.  Therefore, I provide a genuine value to the client.  Instead of worrying about another employee, you bring in a hired gun for job specific work.

Services Provided:

SaaS Solution Consulting- get an objective opinion on the most cost effective way to integrate technology into your business.  SaaS is the fasting growing segment of business technology for small governments. Let me come up with a game plan for your government to implement SaaS.  The government will save a lot of money in the short and long run implementing SaaS for the operations already  in effect.

Internet Integration As the Internet  becomes more important in all fields of business, let me guide you through transitioning your company or government to the cloud.

Documentation- Most employees at private firms and government offices are too busy to complete their documentation correctly and quickly.  I can set schedules, edit and complete all technical and other documentation.  Furthermore, i can set up "shared access" through the internet so you employees can work together, collaborate and save time completing their documentation.

Classroom Training- When implementing new computer systems, it is imperative to bring in someone from the outside to train employees.  It forms a very strong inter-employee bond that lends to more productivity when being taught by an 'outsider'.  Furthermore, you need someone with technical and teaching expertise throughout the whole rollout.  No system comes out of the box perfect for every situation.  i can talk programming/bug decoding and other nerd talk with the various vendors and translate that  into clear English to your employees.  

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I have consulted on documentation and training manuals  since 1990.  Recently the trend has been to produce and edit short videos.  This is something I enjoy doing and will gladly show an example.  I work with people who can edit and add any effects needed.  Furthermore, these can be posted to youtube.com for ease of use.


Google Apps is quickly becoming the most popular SaaS solution in the world.  Thousands of companies, universities, and small operations sign up for Google Apps weekly.  I can migrate your existing domain to Google Apps and administrer the users remotely.  Up to 50 email addresses are free with the standard edition.